Schools failing students with disabilities, teachers need more training: Senate committee finds

Date:        15/01/2016

Author:   Louise Milligan and Daryl Holland

Source:   ABC News


A Senate committee has released a scathing report on the state of school education for children with disabilities.

The cross-party Education and Employment References Committee chaired by Labor Senator Sue Lines recommended more funding to assist students with a disability and the schools that they attend, better teacher training and a more coordinated, national approach to identifying areas of need.


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NDIS failing to house people with a disability

Date:             27/08/2015

Reporter:   Nance Haxton

Source:       ABC News


Concerns are rising that the National Disability Scheme (NDIS) has overlooked the importance of housing in its service provision.

Advocates say the lack of affordable housing, particularly in big cities, is leading to increased homelessness among people with a disability.

Queensland’s Disability Services Minister Coralee O’Rourke is calling on the Federal Government to urgently resolve the issue.


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Teenager Josh Reeves is so fed up with attitudes to disability, he’s launched his own one-man campaign

Date:           25/07/2015

Author:       Sandra Loy

Source:       Wales Online


A Welsh teenager is so fed up with people’s attitude toward disability that he                         has launched his own campaign.


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Call for safety review after woman in wheelchair flung from moving bus in ToowoombaDate:

Date:             25/06/2015

Author:       Andree Withey

Source:       ABC News


Queensland’s transport department is under pressure to review its rules after a woman in an electric wheelchair was thrown from a moving bus on the Darling Downs.


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CLC Crisis Tipped to Worsen

Date:          12/06/2015

Author:     Nicola Berkovic

Source:     The Australian


In the face of future budget cuts to the funding of Community Legal Centres, a recent report has shown that more than 150,000 people who needed legal assistance were turned away in the last year from Community Legal Centres.  This is primarily for three reasons: conflict of interest; the legal problem was outside the centre’s priority area or client group; or because of insufficient resources.


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Mental-health welfare cuts ‘discriminatory’

Date:              21/05/2015

Source:         The Australian


A plan to strip welfare payments from certain mental health ­patients has sparked outrage among state governments, health groups and legal advocates, with fears the cost-cutting measure will have dire consequences.

Social Services Minister Scott Morrison wants to save $29.5 million across four years by cutting welfare payments to anyone charged with a serious criminal ­offence but confined to a psychiatric institution. His department expects the law, once enacted, to affect about 350 people.


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Parents with a disability ‘judged on parental skills before they can learn’, inquiry hears

Date:           16/04/2015

Author:      Debbie Vilensky

Source:      ABC News


Parents with a disability are treated almost like criminals, a parliamentary committee conducting a hearing in the ACT has heard.

The Senate Standing Committee is looking into the adequacy of Australia’s out-of-home care arrangements, and whether the system is letting people down.


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